Best tools for Maximo Development

In this article I would like to give you some useful tips on tools I normally when developing things for Maximo. If you have any more recommendation please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section.

Editing Text and Code

Eclipse Development Environment for Java, Javascript and Jython

I already had a couple of articles related to that topic:

Atom, the alternative, powerful Editor and development platform

Atom is a powerful and very extensible text editor to solve all kind of editing challenges. Atom is available for all common platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Due to it’s very slim design and easy usage it really can act as the primary working editor on your system, but it can be extended to a very good development platform. For myself i mostly like it for Web and Javascript development topics. For Java and Jython I still prefer Eclipse.

Atom can be downloaded via

After downloading it you should have a look to it’s package extensions. My favored one are:

  • linter & linter-eslint (Javascript) & … : The linter package is a tool for code check using rules. Beside the base package there are a lot of additional packages for different programming languages.
  • platformio-ide-terminal: A terminal package for the Atom.
  • Remote-FTP: Enable browsing of FTP/FTPP/SFTP
  • open-recent: Open recent files in the current window
  • minimap: A preview of the full source code
  • highlight-selected: Highlights the current word selected when double clicking

Simple Text-Editors

If you just need a good Text editor you could use Notepad++ as a good alternative for Windows.

Database tools

If you are developing Maximo scripts you regularly need to have a powerful, free tool to work with databases. My favourit tool is SQuirreL SQL. SQuirreL is a Universal SQL client, which can via JDBC connect to most Database Servers like IBM DB2, Oracle, Informix, MS SQL or MySQL. All with the same Look and feel which makes handling much easier for the consultant.

Another handy, but not unfortunately not longer developed tool to create E-R Models in documentation is the Painting program DIA. DIA is an alternative to MS Visio, and can be used for a brought range of creating diagrams.

Interface tools

If you develop Maximo interfaces there are a couple of useful tools you need in your toolbox. If you need to simulate or test http based interfaces like WebServices or Rest you should have a look on Postman. Postman is available as a standalone version as well as a plugin for the Chrome browser.

An alternative for testing which is a bit more powerful, but also more complicated in usage is SoapUI. Beside simple API testing it features more protocols like JDBC.

Other tools

When using Maximo on Windows platform you are often missing a tail like command. Wintail or BareTail are alternatives which could be downloaded here.