Navigate to different MboSet using Relationships

In this blog I will show you a way to navigate from a given Mbo to a different, related MboSet. The easiest way to perform such a navigation is to use a predefined relationship as it is defined in the database configuration of a table. For our example lets assume we are starting from the WORKORDER MboSet. We would like to print out all workorder activities for the first workorder we read.

The following script can be technical combined with the RMI introduction to get a quick result since it requires a valid session object.

woset = session.getMboSet('WORKORDER')
wo = woset.moveFirst();

if wo is not None:
    print "Workorder ",wo.getString("WONUM")    

    workActSet = wo.getMboSet("WOACTIVITY")
    workAct = workActSet.moveFirst()

    while (workAct != None):
        print "Workorder activity: ", workAct.getString("DESCRIPTION")
        workAct = workActSet.moveNext()

Some of the important commands in this example are:

  • if wo is not None: Very important! Check if we have found a workorder Mbo. If you do not do this check the next access like wo.getString(..) could lead to a null pointer exception.
  • worklogset = wo.getMboSet(“WORKLOGAPPT“) gets a reference to a different MboSet based on the current MBO in wo and the existing relationship “WORKLOGAPPT“
  • while (workAct != None) the loop construct to loop on all workorder actions. Have a look here to loop on MboSet’s.

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